Basque coast

Walking the spanisch Basque coast neer Zumaia feels a bit like walking on the moon. The scenery is dramatic and surreal. No wonder the Game Of Thrones crew settles there to capture some scenes. It’s simply magical.

The rocks consists of layers of claystones, shales and sandstones called flysch. Each layer eroding at its own particular pace and that way forming the high contrast distinct rugged layer cake.

The flysch protrudes all along the beach into the sea. That way creating many tidal pools which house a plethora of marine animals like anemone’s crab fish and seashells. A wealth of entertainment for kids enthusiastic for exploration.

The whole area is part of the Basque Coast Geopark and as such a protected environment. At Zumaia you can even find the exact layer containing the dust coming from the comet which wiped out the dinosaurs to extinction. (the K-T boundary)

Shot with the XT-2 - processed with Capture One Pro